new hentai movie ( not for minors)

2013-05-09 07:01:17 by pinoytoons

ok guys get the put on your headset or your housemate will hear you watching hentai ated=1


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2013-05-09 08:21:05

Damn, nice job making It look like 3D.

pinoytoons responds:

tnx . it's made in flash tho


2013-05-09 08:25:03

Nami next? :P

pinoytoons responds:

if i had the chance yeah . i'm thinking every girl i can think of haha


2013-05-09 08:52:41

Ooh, Jessica Rabbit? Boa Hancock? Tifa? The latter's probably been overdone though.


2013-05-09 09:00:01

Btw, as for how to add buttons, just create a button (F8) and open the action panel (F9). If you're using AS2 you could use gotoAndPlay(90); where 90 is the frame number of the next scene. You don't need different buttons for each action, just a layer with a new frame where the new scene begins, and a new scene number in the button action above. Real simple. Linking to a website in AS2 is getURL("http;://","_blank"); and stopping/playing would be stop(); and play();

You could also use gotoAndStop(90); ... if you use different scenes, then add the scene number beside the frame number, like so: gotoAndStop(1,90) where 1 is the scene number.


2013-05-09 09:01:14

Argh, maybe that scene part was confusing. In the first paragraph I meant the scenes of the animation (assuming all of them are in the same scene in the file). In the second I meant the scenes in the flash.

pinoytoons responds:

awesome . tnx for the info . i will try it out hehe


2013-05-09 10:19:19

im new in newgrounds hi

pinoytoons responds:

hi .welcome mate. athough you should post it in your blog profile and we can still see it. go see your profile and click that + button . thats is your blog post


2013-05-09 11:33:07

@yukh why not post an introductary newspost? ;)