winner of IWTBH

2013-05-17 10:58:10 by pinoytoons

ok guys we have a winner

go to this link to find out who


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2013-05-17 23:53:23

You were so full of happy energy, it was a real hoot to watch!! Who cares about an accent, when you put on such a good show! Did you contact the winner yet?
Hopefully, everyone who entered the raffle will watch, and find out who won :)

pinoytoons responds:

i did contacted the winner but until he/she not reply yet. hopefully i get a reply soon enough or i will have to redo the raffle :D


2013-06-02 08:21:21

I wasn't expecting something so systematic, more like: draw the numbers, close your eyes, pick one. This was nice to watch, and great to see everyone really had a fair chance! Did Sexual Emo respond yet btw? If not... new raffle? :P

pinoytoons responds:

yes he had his price drawn already . it's a yaoi (m2m2m) tho. if you want to see it here is the link . tures/user/pinoytoons/206597/Winn er-of-I-WANT-TO-BE-A-HENTAI-raffl e . anyway i'm quite busy atm on my dayjob and producing my short hentai movie .but i will make another raffle when i had the chance .


2013-06-02 11:00:03

Yaoi huh, not what I'd go for, but good to know. This was a fun idea!


2013-11-08 09:04:24

hahah ure awsome man,ure english sucks but we are a comunity we have to help us,and i love ure hentai

pinoytoons responds:

tnx . i love hentai my self