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wow. just wow :D

i like it. well done. you will be a very good director one day

D-Rock responds:

Thanks, I sure hope so! <3

nice loop. i can say that your animations are improving. it's smooth. although there few jerky skin tones on the left arm.

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this is cool stuff you got here. demo is looking good. although you may need to add more poses

Hentami responds:

Thank you Pino! We completely agree and are hard at work on more poses and better CGs, to upload and for our next projects! Thank you for taking the time to stop by, much appreciated.

this is a yummy game . a must play game

Vortex00 responds:

thanks pinoytoons~!

nice game . i liked it . it was entertaining and funny . good job

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this is one the reasons i keep going back here in newgrounds. thanks for the upload man

if you can make a better quality sound of this i'd like to use it for my game

hey man awesome stuff . i felt like being in a trance listening to this . helps me a relax during work . mind if i use this track for a speed animation video? i would like to take part on promoting your music by linking it with my post

psycopathmusic responds:

Of course you can! Sorry for taking this long to respond, the band fell apart and I forgot about this website. You can use it wherever, bud!

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looking great

bmesias063 responds:

Thanks very much, man! Hoping others will love it too.

Oh, here are other version of this art! Hpe you love them also.

Bowsette final {with castle brick background}:

Bowsette final {with brown brick background}:

this scene is pretty hot

bmesias063 responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. But this ain't finished yet, as I'm looking for certain SFX that would fit this art. Actually I'm trying to invent SFX and sprites out from the Japanese originals - I had gathered a number of Japanese SFX and sprites, but I'm trying to make my own SFX and sprite sets that could be understood by general English audiences.

looks good. very anime-ish. your color scheme is pretty nice.

bmesias063 responds:

Thanks for appreciating the work! Indeed mine is very anime-ish, though I wish I can draw with realistic designs in the future.

This ain't complete. Besides lacking pages I still need to put some sfx and a storyline (storyline still floats in my head though; need to start writing them). I might go to 'visual novel' style to speed up completion. When done, I hope it would satisfy readers, esp. the Filipinos lurkers all-over.

As of color scheme, I long believe that i'm not really good at it. You telling me that I nailed it makes me shy...never thought somebody would tell me that I made it right.

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